Youth and adult course:

Trainings for young people and adults are designed for everyone interested in trying something new. Women and men practicing together. From 12 years old to unlimited age.

You can train up to 5 times a week. You can combine individual trainings according to your own time possibilities. It is best to come twice a week.

You can start practicing Aikido at any age. As an initial training we recommend Tuesday, which is focused on the very basics. It begins with proper posture, breathing, basic aikido techniques, exercises that develop flexibility and fitness.

Once we were all beginners so we would be happy to advise you and help you in your start. 

Why to train Aikido?

Martial arts are not only sport. Its complete system, which develops human being on the mental side as same as on a physical side and helps one to overcome pitfalls of the modern age. Below you can find some of the benefits of the training Aikido.

Complete body training

Aikido is a highly aerobic exercise that uses every muscle group in the body. Through training it supports the improvement of endurance, flexibility, balance and strength.


Given the set goals, positive encouragement, motivation, and respect for the values that are part of aikido training, the greatest advantage usually reported by martial arts students is greater self-confidence. The Aikidoka is more comfortable in all situations - whether you are in danger or simply doing a task that will take you outside of your comfort zone - and you will find that you can achieve whatever you choose.

Better mood

Researchers have found that attending regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve your mood. Aikido training is not only a good means to relieve stress, but can actually help you to be happier. Endorphins released by physical activity are active in your body for up to four hours after exercise.

Efficient use of energy

Aikido is known for not muscle-dependent. Naturally, it teaches you to use the maximum potential of your body to control your opponent's attack. This allows you to easily overcome a much stronger opponent.


Aikido is a self-defense martial art. By training aikido you will gain knowledge of how to defend yourself and prevent an attack. In time you will be able to use habits and knowledge for effective defense.

Reducing aggressiveness and a more friendly approach

Martial arts, including aikido, believe that after a few years of training, one becomes less impulsive and aggressive towards others. Patience, insight and tranquility are considered a prerequisite for a good aikidoka.


During training is put great emphasis on teaching fall techniques. It is very important that an aikidoka is able to safely and unpretentiously fall at any age and situation. Learned reflexive habits are then very useful in everyday life.

Relaxation and healthy lifestyle

During Aikido training you will learn to calm down, relax and focus on a specific task, regardless of the surroundings. Breathing techniques will help you relax after a busy day and stretching your entire body will have a beneficial effect on your health.

For whom is aikido?

Aikido is suitable for everyone. It is particularly suitable for sedentary work, for managers, company directors or persons in challenging positions.

Aikido will help you relax and stretch your body, relax after a busy day in the company and provide your body with the necessary movement to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


We train the most widespread aikido style Aikikai. Our club is a member of the Czech Aikido Association and through it the global organization Aikikai based in Hombu dojo Tokyo, as well as the International Federation of Aikido IAF and European Aikido Federation  EAF. Our members regularly attend national and international seminars with teacher such as Daniel Vetter (7th dan Aikikai), Miroslav Kodym (6th dan Aikikai), Katsuaki Asai (8th dan Aikikai), Etsuji Horii (7th dan Aikikai), Ch.Tissier (8th dan Aikikai), T. Kuribayashi (7th dan Aikikai) … ad. The main representative of our style is doshu Moriteru Ueshiba (grandson of the founder of aikido).

How to get started?


At the beginning you only need a desire to learn new things and comfortable sports clothes (shirt and pants below the knees). We practice barefoot on tatami mat.

Come and try aikido. The first two training sessions are for free.

Trainings take place in our dojo at Úvoz 118. Trainings take place all year round (including holidays).

We recommend Tuesday as an initial training. Trainings are divided by level to beginners, advanced, common training and weapon training. This division only determines how the training is conducted. Everyone can attend any of the given trainings!

The course is designed for all those interested in exercising regardless of age and gender. The course is available from 12 years.

You can come to any training session – if you start ideally on Tuesday. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +420 777 750 216 or by mail to ikigaidojo@gmail.com.


Price list

 Děti (do 18 let)StudentiDospělí
1 trénink70 Kč100 Kč130 Kč
Půlroční2000 Kč2000 Kč 3000 Kč (jeden trénink 30 Kč)
Roční3000 Kč4000 Kč5000 Kč (jeden trénink 25 Kč)
Platbu můžete provést na účet: 2401359718/2010do poznámky uveďte prosím:
Nově přijímamé multisport benefit karty! Multisport kartu můžete využít na celou nabídku krom pátečních zbraňových tréninků!
Při půlroční a roční platbě jsou v ceně již všechny tréninky. Jako úvodní trénink doporučujeme úterý. Po jeho absolvování můžete navštěvovat libovolný počet tréninků dle vašich časových možností.

First two trainigs are for free!

You can transfer your payment to a transparent account: 2401359718/2010 - please write to the message for the recipient NAME- quarterly/half-year/year

Membership in the Czech Aikido Association

The price list does not include a fee to the Czech Aikido Association, which is paid in case of interest around January. The Association Fee ensures membership in the Association and thus gives the opportunity to take international and life-recognized Aikikai Hombu Dojo exams. Membership also results in some discounts, eg 400 CZK discount for aikido summer school. The amount is as follows: 700 CZK adults, 400 CZK candidates 15 - 18 years, 300 CZK children under 15 years.


 17:30 – 18:0018:00 – 18:3018:30 – 19:0019:00 – 19:3020:00 – 20:3020:30 – 21:00
PondělíVolný trénink bez vedení
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začátečníci (nábor)
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Jak k nám?



Entrance is from the courtyard of the house Úvoz 118, find the red gate. In case of any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone +420 777 750 216, we gladly help you with directions.

Demonstrations and performances