Beginners aikido course


Want to start practicing martial arts but have no previous experience? Are you looking for an unconventional hobby, healthy movement, self-defense and a friendly team?

Sign up for a comprehensive Aikido course for beginners!

Aikido is not just a sport. It is a comprehensive system that develops a person mentally and physically and generally helps him to deal with the pitfalls of today’s world. In aikido you will find all-round movement, inner balance, self-defense and the transfer of what has been learned to everyday life situations. And all this in a group of friendly people without any pressure on performance or results.

Aikido is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical condition. The goal of training is for you to be in better shape at the end than at the beginning.


  • Course is suitable for everyone from 12 years old.
  • It doesn’t matter what the previous movement experience is – everyone develops at their own pace.
  • For a start, all you need is the desire to learn new things and comfortable sportswear (T-shirt and pants below the knees). We practice barefoot on the tatami mat.
  • Before payment, you have two free trainings to try.
  • The course is led by the club’s head teacher Tomáš Dubovský (2nd dan Aikikai).
  • Aikido is a non-competitive martial art, so you will find on the trainings a friendly atmosphere without rivalry and pressure for results.
  • Within the club, various teambuilding activities are organized – a Christmas party, end of the season party, tea rooms and trips.
  • After completing the basics, you can participate in up to 5 trainings per week without restrictions.


  • Versatile movement – aikido develops the whole body evenly. No  part is overloaded, so aikido is very suitable as a healthy movement for all ages.
  • Basic falls – the art of correctly accepting technique and falling not only without injury, but also naturally and comfortably.
  • Development of hara (center of the body) – aikido techniques are based on the center of the body, so its development is key. Modernly, this training is called “core”.
  • Breathing and health exercises – during the training you will get acquainted with techniques that will teach you how to breathe properly in movement, help you calm down and improve your concentration.
  • Basic self-defense – principles of conflict resolution, spatial orientation, timing and basic techniques.
  • Basics of working with weapons – during the training you will get acquainted with the basics of working with a Japanese wooden sword (bokken), stick (yo) and knife (tanto).

All your questions will be answered by experienced teachers. We care that all students know the meaning of what they do.


  • Course length: 6 months (September – January)
  • Price: 3000 Czk (students 2000 Czk)
  • Time: every tuesday 19:00 – 21:00 (later you can attend up to five trainings per week)
  • Place: Úvoz 118 (entrace from coutyard – red gate), tram stop Konečného náměstí
  • Clothes: T-shirt and long pants are enough for a start
  • Teacher: head of the dojo Tomáš Dubovský (2.dan Aikikai)
  • Contact: tel. 777 750 216, email:
  • Payment: on bank account 2401359718/2010 (into the note NAME/BEGINNERS) or pay in the cash on training

First two trainings are for free!



There is great interest in the course and the number of participants is limited. Sign up as soon as possible!




Entrance from the courtyard of house Úvoz 118, find the red gate. In case of any problems don’t hesitate to contact us by phone  +420 777 750 216, we gladly help you with directions.



We train the most common style of aikido Aikikai. Our club is a member of the Czech Aikido Association and through it the worldwide organization Aikikai based in Hombu dojo Tokyo, as well as the International Aikido Federation IAF and the European Aikido Federation EAF. Our members regularly attend national and international seminars for teachers such as Daniel Vetter (6th dan Aikikai), Miroslav Kodym (6th dan Aikikai), Katsuaki Asai (8th dan Aikikai), Etsuji Horii (7th dan Aikikai), Hiroshi Fujimaki ( 7th dan Aikikai), Ch.Tissier (8th dan Aikikai), T. Kuribayashi (7th dan Aikikai) … ad. The main representative of our style is the doshu of Moriter Ueshiba (grandson of the founder of aikido).